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Living Brands is a distributor of LB Tape. We want to assist people in living better lives, where their bodies do not hold them back because of injuries or pain.

We are very excited to see how much our company has grown. When we started with the LB Tape range we only had two colours: Black and Red. We have showed rappid growth and have currently a few ranges with more than 7 colours each.


Living Brands strives to be one of the most popular contemporary strapping brands locally with an international footprint. We wish to continue bringing you a larger variety in products with a selection of colourful, easy to use tape; used by professionals and made available to the public. We cover a spectrum of ages with the focus on improving quality of life and optimal performance in sports.


We improve the lives of our customers through strapping and techniques that are non-invasive, modern and easy to use. Living brands aspires to be the product of choice for individuals and athletes, promoting optimal high performance. With a visible positioning in the market, we stive to remain competitive and relevant. We support our athletes and sport stars in reaching peak performance by not only avoiding sporadic injuries but also reducing pain and promoting healing in already injured athletes. Our products support mobility and reduce swelling which will allow our clients to live life to the fullest.

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